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Top Hat Furnace

An Electrical Lift- Off Furnace Complete With Firebricks / Castable  Hearth for Ease  Of Loading And Heating Heavy Workload Up To A Miximum Of 850 Degree C. Design Also Allows For Further  Height Extension.

Control Panel

Free Standing Instrumentation Control Panel Complete With Safety Devices, Temperature Recorder And Programmer Suitable For Pre- Programmed Operation, giving Reliable And Accurate Temperature Control Of The Heat Treatment Operation Automatically.

Ezecal 3

This Unit Is A Highly Versatile, Accurate Instrument, Suitable For Both Stimulation And Measurement OF Thermocouple E.M.F’S And Also Provides A Millivolt Source of +-99.99 MV.

Applications Include:-

Calibration Checks On Temperature Recorders, Indicators And Controllers.
As A Millivolt

Compensating Cable

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Provide Mean Of Extension From Thermocouple’s Cold Junction To Various Temperature Recorders, Indicators And Controllers.


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Flat Twin Hole Bead Thermocouple & Woven Glass Fibre Thermocouple Wire.

Calibrated To B.S. 1041 Part 4

Thermocouple Wires Attachment Unit

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Portable “Tack-Welding” Unit Which Enables Easy And Quick Attachment Of Thermocouple Wires Directly To Surface Of Workpiece

P250A Profile Generator & Controller

The Instrument Provides Programming Of Basic Heat Treatment  Profile Requirements (Rate, Dwell And Level).

It Comprises Two Inbuilt Master Controllers To Allow Further Linking of Related Sub-Units To Provide A Highly Competitive And Accurate Multi- Zone Control

Heat Treatment Transformer

The Unit Provides A 65V Supply For Powering Various Types Of Low Voltage Heating Elements.

The Unit Can Control The Heat Treatment Operation Automatically By Means Of 12 Individual Units Solid State Programmable Controller While A 12