The Unit Provides A 65V Supply For Powering Various Types Of Low Voltage Heating Elements.

The Unit Can Control The Heat Treatment Operation Automatically By Means Of 12 Individual Units Solid State Programmable Controller While A 12 Points Temperature Recorder Maintains A Record Of The Heat Treatment Temperature.

It Consists Of An Air Natural 3 Phase Transformer Contained In A Wheel Sheet Steel Case, With Lockable Doors To Protect The Front Panel Instruments, Control Of The Heating Elements Is Made Either By Means Of Contactors Or Thyrstor Switching Units (Optional).

The 12 Output Channels Can Either Be Controlled Automatically By The Programmer Units, Or Manually By Means of Energy Regulators.

Each Channel Has Its Own Auto / Manual Switch, So Any Combination Or Individual Channels Can Be Operated Either Automatically Or Manually.

The Unit Is Protected Against Over Current Or Over Temperature Conditions.

Other Designs And Power Ratings Are Also Available.